Transferred Students


General Information

Students who have successfully completed at least one semester in another graduate department of Dokuz Eylul University or completed at least one semester in another graduate program of another higher education institution (in Turkey), may be admitted to the graduate programs by transfer. Students who want to register for the graduate programs by transfer can apply to the Graduate School for the quotas announced at the beginning of each semester at the web page, with a petition and the required documents. The registrations of the candidate students who satisfy the transfer requirements are approved by the decision of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School. The applications that do not satisfy the requirements or have the missing documents are not taken into consideration.

For further information on horizontal transfer, please see DEU Graduate School of Social Sciences Post Graduate Instruction and Examination Implementation Principles Article 8 should be looked into.

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During the last one year of the normal study period in master’s programs with thesis and during the last two years of normal study period in doctoral programs, transfer cannot be made.


Students who want to make transfer application must apply to the Graduate School of Social Sciences between course enrollment dates of the semester with the application form (click to download) and the required documents below.

a) The documents showing the courses taken at the program that the student is registered during the transfer application, course contents and the transcript document,

b) Bachelor’s degree diplomas and diploma supplements of master students and both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree diplomas and diploma supplements of PhD students (if the diploma supplements are not available yet, the transcripts),

c) Document indicating the disciplinary status of the student from the higher education institution that she/he is registered,

d) Examination result document ensuring that ALES, GRE and GMAT scores for the program to be transferred is hold,

e) At least two reference letters, one given by a lecturer,

f) Foreign language document indicating that required language scores which is stated in the Regulations of DEU Graduate Education and Training are hold,

f) 2 photos.

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